Archived Announcements

25-Aug-17 Genetic Technologies Announces Comprehensive Review of Strategic
Alternatives download
1-Aug-17 Genetic Technologies Launches Breast Cancer Awareness Month
Promotion for BREVAGenplus® download
21-July-17 Genetic Technologies Receives Nasdaq Deficiency Notice download
25-May-17 Appendix 3Y download
31- March -17 Genetic Technologies Revamps Patient Pricing and Billing Program for BREVAGenplus® download
29-March-17 Genetic Technologies and IndyCar’s Pippa Mann Partner for Second Consecutive Year to Promote BREVAGenplus® download
20-Feb-17 Employee Share Options Issued and Forfeited download
6-Dec-16 Cleansing notice under section 708A the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) download
6-Dec-16 Capital Raising Update – Appendix 3B download
2-Dec-16 Genetic Technologies Announces AUD 8.1 million Capital Raising download
29-Nov-16 Exclusive License Agreement To Develop Colorectal Cancer Risk Assessment Test download
23-Nov-16 -16 2016 Annual General Meeting Results download
23-Nov-16 -16 2016 Annual General Meeting Presentation download
24-Oct-16 Notice of 2016 Annual General Meeting and Sample Proxy download
3-Oct-16 Genetic Technologies Launches BREVAGenplus® Marketing Program
Around Susan G. Komen®’s Race for the Cure® Events download
30-Aug-2016 Appendix 4E & Financial Report 2016 download
30-Aug-2016 Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement 2016 download
22-June-16 Genetic Technologies and Verizon IndyCar Series Driver Pippa Mann Update BREVAGenplus® Marketing Partnership download
21-June-16 Appointment of Senior Medical Director download
4-May-16 Genetic Technologies and Verizon IndyCar Series Driver Pippa Mann to
Ring Nasdaq Stock Market Closing Bell on May 6th, 2016 download
6-April-16 Appendix 3B download
6-April -16 Lapse of Share Options download
22-Feb-16 Genetic Technologies and IndyCar’s Pippa Mann Announce Partnership to
Promote BREVAGenplus® download
5-Feb-16 Settlement and Release Agreement with Hendrix Genetics B.V. download
13-Jan-16 Changes to Company Secretary download
21-Dec-15 Genetic Technologies Announces Publication of Key scientific Validation Results in Support of BREVAGenplus download
15-Dec-15 Appendix 3Y download
15-Dec-15 Appendix 3B download
25-Nov-15 Results from 2015 Annual General Meeting download
25-Nov -15 2015 Annual General Meeting download
23-Nov-15 Genetic Technologies Announces Publication Validating BREVAGenplus Testing for African-American and Hispanic Women download
02-Nov-15 Appendix 3Y download
29-Oct-15 Appendix 4C download
27-Oct-15 Notice of AGM and Sample Proxy download
06-Oct-15 CFO Transition download
24-Sep-15 Appendix 4G and Corporate Governance Statement download
28-Aug-15 Lapse of Options download
06-Aug-15 US Patent Office Grants Key BREVAGENplus® download
31-July-15 Appendix 4C download
23-July-15 Appendix 3B download
14-July-15 Genetic Technologies Announces Scientific Validation, Clinical Trial and Peer Review Publication Initiatives download
09-July-15 Appointment of Joint Company Secretary download
15-June-15 Appointment of Chief Financial Officer download
12-June-15 Appointment of Executive Director download
29-May-15 Genetic Technologies supports research findings: Clinical validation is needed for gene-panel sequencing associated with hereditary breast cancer risk download
04-May-15 Second of Two Nasdaq Deficiencies Successfully Remediated download
23-April-15 Appendix 3Y download
20-April-15 Additional Breast Health Centres To Begin Offering BREVAGENplus download
01-April-15 Appendix 3Y download
13-March-15 Supplementary Prospectus download
12-Mar-15 Cleansing Notice Under Section 708A the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) download
11-Mar-15 Capital Raising Update and Appendix 3B download
6-Mar-15 Genetic Technologies Announces AUD$18.6million Capital Raising download
6-Mar-15 Results from 2015 Extraordinary General Meeting download
26-Feb-15 Appointment of CEO download
24-Feb-15 Appendix 3B download
20-Feb-15 Appendix 3B download
19-Feb-15 Appendix 3B download
18-Feb-15 Appendix 3B download
13-Feb-15 Appendix 3B download
12-Feb-15 Appendix 3Y and 3Z download
9-Feb-15 Appendix 3B download
4-Feb-15 Notice of Extraordinary General Meeting and Sample Proxy Form download
4-Feb-15 NASDAQ Deficiencies Remediated download
2-Feb-15 Appendix 3B download
30-Jan-15 Appendix 3B  download
29-Jan-15 Up to 6 New Breast Centres to being offering BREVAGENplus download
28-Jan-15 Tribute to Mr David Carter download
22-Jan-15 Appendix 3B  download
22-Jan-15 Prospectus  download
22-Jan-15 Genetic Technologies secures A$24million Standby Equity Placement Facility  download
9-Jan-15 Appendix 3B  download
30-Dec-14 ASX Announcement – SPP Results download
30-Dec-14 Appendix 3B  download
29-Dec-14 Appendix 3B  download
19-Dec-14 Appendix 3B  download
19-Dec-14 ASX Announcement – SPP Update download
17-Dec-14 Clinical Validation Supporting BREVAGenplus in Breast Cancer Risk Assessment download
08-Dec-14 BBY Initiates Coverage  download
Appendix 3B download
05-Dec-14 ASX Announcement – Share Purchase Plan Document download
04-Dec-14 ASX Announcement – SPP – 2014 Cleansing Notice download
03-Dec-14 Appendix 3B and Options Cleansing Notice download
03-Dec-14 Appendix 3B and Convertible Note Cleansing Notice download
03-Dec-14 ASX Announcement – SPP Announcement – Dec-2014 download
24-Sep-14 Appointment of Independent Non-Executive Directors download
22-Sep-14 Divestment of Australian heritage business Commences Strategic Re-alignment download
15-Sep-14 Transformational restructuring plans to support Molecular Diagnostics focus and finalisation of financing download

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